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Crystal Art Glass in China

Our crystal glass art is still in its infancy, when Europe set off with glass as a material to make art of fashion, many domestic achievements of artists to Europe to study. 2006 Shanghai Xintiandi has exhibited art glass artists, collectors by many white-collar workers of all ages, many of the works are in high turnover. Visible, art glass in China is still viable.

   Past art glass is used only for practical, no personality, usually through high-volume mechanized production to meet. The mid-1960s, the United States a "glass workshop movement", to the late 1960s quickly passed the Higher Institute of UK, so in Britain appeared to create a unique personality through glass crystal ornaments and sculptures, and gradually make the personality of glass becomes art. To promote the development of art glass, the British also established College of Art and Design University of Wolverhampton, equipped with the most perfect glass school in Europe, it will learn the same glass painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, or other related degree courses combined.

    To the 1970s, the European art world set off a glass as a material for artistic creation artistic fashion, American Harvey Littleton in 1972 spearheaded the Art Nouveau glass landmark in the history of art - glass studio movement, making artists can directly use glass creation, sparking global concern. Because of its production process trying respected individuality, technology is selectively serve the artist's creation of the original concept, which has become a modern art.

    In the UK an art glass by artists prices are generally very expensive, frequently on the ten thousand pounds, even students who just graduated from College of the works have sold for more than £ 1,000. 2000 British glass art sales reached 330 million pounds. To this end, economics predicted: a new era of economic and glass art has arrived. Art glass charm following main points:

The first is the art of crystal glass with a unique ornamental value. It adds a decorative, sculptural glass transformation by refraction of light and space, change people's perception of the world around them. Crystal glass jewelry, and some idea of Kit Kat, colorful, some static and dynamic, just a perfect combination with the soft, more of the light refraction in the glass, the transmittance create a magical effect. Now in the West wear crystal jewelry has become a concept, a culture, a fashion.

Second, the production process is a complex art of crystal glass with spray carving, painting, crystal patch, crystal decoration pieces, Caijing, glaze, mosaic, plastic folders, Ice, etching, printing, hot melt, bending, folding burn etc., especially its production to be based on different conditions at different temperatures, the sub liquid, softening and cooling of the three phases, a number of connections required glass shape, as well as attached to the foil, plating, plug, riveted and other technology. Therefore, an art glass production often need to go through a very complicated process to complete.

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