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Chinese decorative art glass market wang good

Development of Chinese decorative art glass market is in a rational competition, steady development, product structure more reasonable, good period booming demand and supply, it can be confirmed from the various types of Building Decoration Fair.

    Cold glass art in the ascendant

     Cold glass art refers to processing at room temperature from the glass art, For heating furnace at a temperature not higher than 593 degrees Celsius. Such as sandblasting engraving glass, chemically etched glass, stained glass mosaic, color glass, painting and glazing surfaces such as glass, are proportional. The development of a cold glass art and sculpture from the sandblasting and grinding the beginning, has several decades of development history. Sand sculpture is mainly used for flat glass art reprocessing, products used for furniture, doors, windows, mirrors, screens, partitions, etc. Grinding wheel motor driven mainly carved, hand carved glass grinding patterns of various bird fleas, mainly for glassware, household glass decoration.

    From the beginning of the 1990s, domestic and gradually derived varieties other decorative art glass techniques such as vertical lines painted glass, color glass, Frosted glass.

   After 2003, more decorative glass varieties to the market, formed from the south to the north of the rapid development of decorative art glass industry event. Chinese people have a strong force of creativity and invention Superman imitation, so to sandblasting, chemical etching, grinding, engraving, color printing based on a variety of cold glass decorative products soon turned out, all kinds of art glass appellation is varied. And a variety of processes have become in recent years a comprehensive hotspot.

    Throughout the world of glass art works, mostly complex variety of skills. Application integration skills, to reflect the artist's perfect artistic design to improve the aesthetic value of glass art. From the variety show, the decorative art glass from product design, process, in terms of firm size, have been maturing in the country has formed a huge industry, and already have international competitiveness, with encouraging market prospects.

    Hot glass art came into being

    Hot glass art glass art has always been advocating internationally, has several hundred years of history, but also artists, art institutions recognized glass art. The so-called hot glass art refers to the processing of 593 degrees Celsius with temperatures above the glass works of art, such as glass kiln casting (lost wax casting glass), blown glass, thermoplastic glass (lamp work glass), etc., and their process is again after plastic glass (glass rod, glass, glass powder, glass frit blocks) is heated to soften and liquid, through the art of innovation, coloring, annealing and other procedures, so that the formation of a new glass solid form. In this work the general modeling process made uniform color, not copied, as some ceramic works of art.

    Glassware of hot glass art has been used only by the factory, the daily glass production, production capacity and output in the international community is called glass big country, the export volume is large, but not our foreign fancy glass the plastic arts, but low prices and inherent product features. So, not so much China is a major exporter of glass products, we might say that China is exporting cheap labor, our price is deadly serious waste of resources and environmental pollution. Glass art is pure artistic strengths United States and Europe, and has several hundred years of history, such as the Czech glass art can be sold in the Chinese market a few thousand dollars or even thousands of dollars, while China's production of the same size glass products Jinmai to tens of dollars. Great contrast, shows the pure art of glass products still lags far behind Western countries, and these are what we call art hot glass. The good news is that in recent years the show hot glass art in the country quietly rising.

    Decorative art glass expensive in decorative features, so it's primary function is decorative. But in the past to focus only on the decorative glass manufacturers while ignoring functional development. In recent years, the manufacturers are using the function of art glass and down the effort. Some of the company's goal is to home improvement products, so they developed a TV backdrop, door glass and window glass which uses very clear.

    "High-tech products, as the product of good features", this is the decorative art glass in the true sense. Many companies a change in previous years product positioning vague business ideas, to spend time devoted themselves to developing a high-tech content, you can shape the production of embossed decorative glass painting. These glass products are induced by the desire of people from different angles to use, but also to raise awareness, art glass at the same time meet the functional, but also play a role in landscaping, increasing the artistic environment.

    Chinese decorative art glass market promising business opportunities lot. First, compared with other countries, although still lagging behind our processing techniques European countries for decades, but decorative glass in a foreign country, there are still a huge market in the country a greater potential; Second, China's economy is in a period of rapid development, people living conditions and living environment needs revolutionary change, glass as a hard, transparent, non-polluting materials, other materials can not be replaced. Some companies because of the lack of independent products, but also did not mind digging used in the development and potential function of glass art glass processing technology alone herd, follow the trend driving the rudder, sooner or later, will be out of the market.

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