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Glass Appreciation identification

An appreciation

Glass is the ancient Chinese term for glass, glass argument is narrow, glass is now generally refers to the addition of various oxides firing colored glass works, now whether it is optical glass, flat glass, crystal glass, or borax glass and other materials is the author of the work, and all directions called glass art, we can see that the glass is just a kind of glass, its scope far more glass to be small.

Artificial crystal glass material is glass. Its characteristics are a high index of refraction of light, they are able to exhibit crystal tick


Through the effect, in the light of the cooperation, more fully express their artistic qualities. Glass is not only a work of art as it is a religious objects, and strong work produced by a casting process performance, the level of rich, delicate, especially the vagaries of color flow, or passion, or implicitly, each piece is different .

1. Buy lighting effects, especially the thickness and color of different angles of refraction of light, able to show a three-dimensional visual effect.

2. Appreciate the natural flow of color, feel the beauty of pure glass "breathe" in revealing.

3. Toru degree of flow through the glass, not too pure too bright, need to have a certain level of differences and finish, otherwise it will lose its vitality with a dynamic beauty.

4. Feel the overall shape and color, the perfect combination of beauty and creative ideas brought by the mood of the United States.

5. Appreciate glass inherent in the national culture (non-folk) and the structural features from the process perspective.

6. Healing process determines the world is not exactly the same two pieces of glass, the so-called "Heavenly self into" say is the uniqueness of glass products, carefully taste the different glass colors flow, you will find a different mood.

Glassmaking in ancient Chinese history, dating back to the Western Zhou Dynasty, but when people call it the glass. Western countries until the glass was introduced into China in the future, only the glass is called. West soda-lime glass is composed of elements, and elements of China's glass contains lead and barium. Initially the production of glass material is a byproduct produced when obtained from bronze casting, machining and then refined into glass. A variety of glass colors, the ancients also called it "colored stone." To the Han Dynasty, the production level of the glass has been quite mature. But smelting technology is mastered in the hands of the royal nobles, has been the secret is not rumor. Since the civil difficult to get, so when people put the glass even as more precious than jade.

Glass in China's development history is so long, but why people rarely know it?

In fact, many people who know the glass, especially in ancient times, as a special glass materials, and apricot, like dragons, belong to the royal family only. The earliest royal family to use only genuine glass products, glass manufacturing process is also controlled by the royal artisans.

Since the discoverer of glass, which is the reason Fan Li, in the eyes of our ancestors, it is believed, like glass and crystal, with memory and heritage features, and more importantly, the glass can bless owner "home is caused by the daughter, then to anchoret Qing Xiang. "

Around the Yuan Dynasty, with the emergence of Chinese culture human faults, many techniques have been lost Kingship room, glass in them, so the Ming and Qing dynasties, the glass is only only in myths and legends, and you must have read "Journey mind, "was originally the Temple of Drifting shutter general, not just because of missed smashed a glass cup and was demoted down to it. By Stephen Chow's words, breaking a glass was demoted down, so too do the gods made back enough. But from here we can see that the glass is precious.

Two identification

Critical appreciation of glass: 1. glass and crystal, glass different

Glass and crystal (Western crystal glass) any different.

A, in the history books there is a clear distinction

Diamond Sutra and there were similar record. In all Buddhist China, the Buddhist Qibao front five is recognized, namely gold, silver, glass, clam * mollusks * agate, the latter two have to say is a crystal, there is said to be amber, glass and so forth, indicating that the glass is recognized Buddhist treasures; glass and crystal and glass different.

B, with different chemical compositions

Natural crystal, glass, the main ingredient is silica glass

Contemporary national authority monograph "Chinese Ancient glass research," it reads: 92% ratio of Ancient Egypt "Fayence" (that is, the ancestor of the West crystal glass) silica (not transparent) -99%, glass China's Zhou dynasty the proportion of silica is only slightly greater than 90% (transparent). This 9% difference is the biggest difference between glass and crystal.

C, Detailed ingredients

Ancient glass is added to the glass with lapis mother baked, and lapis is a colored crystal material, the main ingredient should be silica-based, glass collected from the mother is a kind of natural and artificial after refining the ancient recipe, you can change the crystal structure and physical properties, are quite different in shape, color and transparent degree.

Yu Ming Dynasty medicine should be a little different on the glass master recipe, so the Ming Dynasty jade color little change medicine, nor transparent.

Glass really depends on the level of the mother glass raw materials and preparation method, which is not pass the secret since ancient times, it is because of the presence of glass mother, only to Chinese ancient glass and crystal glass crystal and even the West "Fayence "With a 9% difference in composition.

The so-called glass Lucky, security and peace, have a great relationship with the mother glass;

2. The types of glass: A Class: ancient glass, the "lapis" adding "glass master" fired.


A colored crystal material, "Heavenly Creations bead articles": Where lapis and Chinese water fine, Champa fire together, the same as its stone-colored Jieju class ...... ...... good luck this universe, looming in the easy ground. Natural lapis increasingly scarce, particularly valuable.

Glass mother

A collected from natural and artificial by the ancient recipe after refining, can change the crystal structure and physical properties make it in the shape, color and transparent degree has clearly improved. "Money talks Daweishan industry" set: Feng Chen library who also ...... glass collection ancestors of the mother who, if today's money Tre course, the block size still children boxing ...... also said that North Korea may also true temple ...... but can make Ke child-like, red, yellow, white with blue color, rather than grams Zibi also;

Class B: Taiwan glass, glass art evolved from the West. Technology Emerges [pate-de-verre], the origins of the ancient Egyptian "Fayence" technology. Analysis results for "Chinese Ancient glass research" shows that: the proportion of "Fayence" in the 92% -99% silica, and glass Chinese Zhou dynasty difference is obvious. However, due to both the approximate shape, was called Western glass;

Class C: water glass, now a common imitation glass, unsaturated resin material, which is characterized by light weight, stone no sound of knocking the glass, and falling easily discoloration, cloudiness, no collectible value, but the price Qi is low;

3. Production process: ancient glass production process is quite complex, the fire, the water to go to dozens of procedures to complete, fine ancient glass production, very time-consuming, and some two dozen light-making process should Ten days later, but mainly rely on handmade. Among the grasp of all aspects is very difficult to grasp the difficulty of its attainment more can be said that half feat by half luck.

Only released one, yield is only 70%. More crucially, ancient glass can not be recycled, unlike gold and silver products, meaning that once a little problem, dozens of days, dozens of procedures, the number of people trying to go down the drain immediately;

4. Why is there no glass glass, crystal so transparent?

Because glass special technology and sophisticated production process, gloss glass is born without glass, crystal so bright. However, perhaps it is precisely because of this, destined to be carrying heavy glass culture into a cultural product

5. The glass works in a bubble, is not defective?

Glass of bubbles in the glass material is naturally formed during calcination, each work has. In the eyes of people interested in glass, glass is not just a product, but there is life, these bubbles seems to illustrate the glass in breathing. And these bubbles are also making the glass more expressive, in the light irradiation can emit dazzling brilliance.

6. Glass fragile it?

Glass hardness is relatively strong, the equivalent strength nephrite. But also more brittle and can not be forced to beat or collision. The difference

Chinese glass art has a long history, there are records in the Shang and Zhou earliest, according to research, particularly on the "beauty tears," the legend, it originated about three years in Zhou Jing Wang (Goujian three years), according to Chinese History, in this era should be 493 BC. Tang Yingwu "Ode glass" in the description, "colored with ice, no matter compartment free of dust" on the glass to convey the dazzling seductive style.


Appeared on the market a large number of low price "water glass" products, in fact, this is a "fake glass" products, not a real glass, just because the business is deliberately misleading and consumers, will have a "water glass. "In dialect habits in most parts of China, "parallel" means "false" or "imitation", so the true meaning of water glass is "fake glass." Water glass is transparent pigmented plastic resin casting made of resin products, which is characterized by low cost, low-tech, simple process, easy to mass production, with the main difference in the glass:

1. Low resin refractive index caused different product texture, crystal clear water, lack of a sense of lead glass crystal glass.

2. Weight difference, the weight of water glass glass of approximately 30%.

3. Water glass easy to aging, unstable colors.

"Water glass," the identifying characteristics:

"Water glass" material is resin, crystal glue and other chemicals, similar to the transparent plastic, which is characterized by:

A, color: clear chemical pigment, with plastic products.

B, density: equivalent to plastic, much lighter than real glass, businesses often combine water with lots of glass, metal accessories, with its confusion in terms of weight, and some bad business to deceive consumers, often in the bottom of the water glass products, lead weights and other heavy objects hidden in order to create "real glass" illusion, consumers only need to distinguish carefully to see through.

C, Sound: with plastic same.

D, Transparency: clear cloudy, not transparent

E, saving time: one to two years after the start to fade, poor sense of permeability day. In layman's terms: the longer, the more like plastic.

Identifying characteristics of ancient glass:

A, color: crystal and glass has a different color, but all with a solid color based, will burst or turbid after mixing. Only ancient glass can have a variety of colors blended and transparent as before.

B, density: ancient glass was significantly higher than the density of the glass, slightly higher than the crystal, and feel smooth.

C, Sound: ancient glass gently tapping sound of metal there.

D, Transparency: boundary between glass and crystal, occasionally firing process produces a small amount of bubble flow.

E, saving time: indefinite, from the material point of view, ancient glass never change, today unearthed from the tomb of ancient glass HW Sheng ear cups still color as new, carved before.

Water glass prices are not particularly expensive, those 100-200 is hundreds of times the cost price; cost of ancient glass are very high, which boutique full of collectible value.

General glass material in 1400 ~ 1300 ℃ due to high temperature firing, glass in the liquid state, containing air has to surface, so little or no bubbles. But most of the cast glass art and more to 850 ℃ low temperature firing, hot glass paste flowing slowly, the air between the glass blocks, due to inability to rise to the surface and the natural formation of bubbles, bubble performance artists and many more lives glass texture, and become part of the appreciation of glass art.

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