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Glass color meanings

(Glass with opening operation) "pharmacists glass light Tathagata Honganji merit by":. "I would like to get Bodhi afterlife, body, such as glass, inside and outside Mincher, net flawless filth" in the sense that the glass is a personality , a spirit, a state symbol. Crystal of glass sustenance of people's good wishes.

Monochrome glass

Green glass - security and peace on behalf of peace, life and happiness.

Purple glass - can raise IQ and EQ aphrodisiac. On behalf of the noble, elegant and progress; help improve their existing condition, enhance self-confidence.

Transparent (white) color glaze - Buddhism boundless, maintain a pleasant attitude. Body, diseases does not invade; nursing home, Baidu Bu into. Is to give life to bring happiness Dolce Vita.

Blue glass - can Auspicious can bring lucky, representing fresh.

Amber glass - should urge financial rights and is a symbol of wealth, on behalf of the bright, mild and innovation.

Red glass - on behalf of a firm, relentless and eternal make fragile sensitive soul grew stronger

Day blue glass - can make a fresh, quiet and comfort

Multicolor glass

Purple and blue - the main in-depth exchanges, along smoothly.

Purple and White - peace + good mood White is a symbol of purity, and purple with a more internal and external bright, elegant, slightly noticeable squeamish. Is representative of charm, faint aroma Qinru people, there are memory effect, expressed the feelings of priceless and unforgettable love.

Purple and green - transforming fortune, to strengthen cooperation with the representatives of green life has Auspicious functions purple with each other with a strong resonance energy unifying role, to improve their own destiny to some extent.

Amber and blue - pastel strong urge financial undertakings on behalf of perseverance and faith, improve response capacity. On behalf of a successful career, wealth boundless.

Amber and white - the official transport reminder Choi has a king and noble temperament, fatigue, control their emotions, stimulate memory, main enrichment.

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