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Glass Story

Legend is the world's first glass beauties Fan Li gave Dingqingzhiwu "calabash"; Goujian SWORD grid were used on both sides of the blue and turquoise glass mosaic; insert a "white glass" saddle escape "in the darkroom often according to Shiyu as day day "; Han Dynasty queen mermaid sister sat daily with green glass mosaic windows and doors of the temple Zhaoyang dressing, Emperor Ming looked from the window, sister lesson shiny hair are Lilikeshu ...... About glass countless stories from ancient times, regardless of its true or not, it is only moving their distant splendor of glass which added a bit of wonderful things.

Han had "glass casement"?

Since the "Emperor bi displaced people into the mirage," a lot of input Chinese foreign glass. However, when the input of glass items are what we have been difficult to see objects, only to look up from the literature. "Xijing" There are two records in this regard:

Dynasty, body poison States offer comic custodial, begin to make the white horse cerebral stone for Le, white glazed saddle. Saddle often shine in the dark more than the text as day day.

Habitat Zhaoyang mermaid Nvdi temple ...... casement mostly green glass, Yi Jie Zhao Da, hair must not hiding Yan.

Eastern Han Ban's "Emperor Story" also said:

Emperor Good gods, from the house of God, Fei noted for white ballad drama, the bright Dongche.

Embedded in a "white glass" saddle escape "in the darkroom often shine Shiyu as day Day", a bit too exaggerated even close to the myth. But it also shows that people's minds at the time Glass precious and magical. "Mermaid" is the Han Emperor Ming of the queen, her "Nvdi" is a Ming emperor's sister, was also made a queen, she lived in the house Zhaoyang multi-green glass mosaic windows and doors, so that Emperor Ming looked from the window, sister of shiny lesson hair Lilikeshuo, which surprisingly possible. Emperor Wu of the "house of God" is also trimmed with white ballad drama casement, showing the Han imperial family already enjoy a glass window. Should indicate that the so-called "white ballad drama" should be similar to what we today windowpane - ancients tend to colorless also said to be white.

Mounted fan glass windows, also chant poem

Han Dynasty can enjoy the "glass casement" is limited to the imperial family: fishnet Emperor's palace also trimmed a glass casement, however, even his closest ministers do not know this both transparent and wind barrier good things sometimes come farce. Dong Jin Guocheng of the "Guo" in the write such a story:

Full Fen, the word Wu autumn, Kopin people. Fear the wind. Wu Jin sat in the north windows have glass fan, the real secret seems sparse, Fen pained, the Emperor is laughed. Fen said: "Chennai Wu cow, see Erchuan month."

Fen cold sitting room equipped with full glass windows inside, but thought nothing separated the window, can not help playing the war, the emperor therefore make fun of him. He is also very funny, immediately self-mockery, said: "! I'm like afraid of the sun of the southern buffalo, met with the moon also opened his mouth to breathe."

The Tang Dynasty, the palace also has filled "glass casement" of. Was a great event on a glass window mounted considered even worth looking for some writers to Yong Chung something. There are bits of qi through the examination of the king on the throne wrote a "glazed windows Fu." Later, Five Dynasties, Song, Yuan, Ming literature ancient books can not find the description of the "glass casement" of the, perhaps never again glazed casement really had.

Until the Qing Dynasty, glazed casement has emerged. But then change is called "windows", the palace of the Manchu nobility is sometimes call it "window paste the eye." Qing archives will be able to find such a record. For example, if you do not like their Emperor Qianlong palace of a well worn but clumsy gilded bronze statue, he ordered the eunuchs send it to the Office was, and passed the Edict: Like to be scraped off the gilded bronze statue can get into furnace ruined copper. Red wooden frame outside the glass box apart, keep after the change to do anything else with the box. ? As for the glass it Edict said: "Reserved for windows paste eye."

Qing Dynasty and the previous generation is different, not only the palace windows can be installed, usually rich people can install. Qianlong famous poet Yuan Mei when he Jiangning (now Nanjing) xiaocang Hill garden fitted with a window of purple glass window, then invited a lot of friends on poetry, Zhijiu high will, we each made a song poem, "Ode to the hundreds of people who" grand extent that actually far better than his family cover a new building. Dynasty, Beijing wrote a man named Yang Jingting of "all doors Zayong," which has a "glass":

HuaTang spring sitting day delay, rich people from appropriate. Zhi Ke Jie curtain to wait, too sparse window glass inlay.

Can not wait for the curtain to expose Zhike to, at the time really is people proud thing.

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