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Definition and process of dewaxing glass


At the beginning of Pangu far, no creatures in this world, after the Goddess gave birth to drop, Tuan loess to create the human form. Later, co-workers and the water god Vulcan Vulcan to compete for the throne but fierce war broke out. Mankind is faced with an unprecedented catastrophe. Nuwa seen human being so Qihuo, so determined to Sky. She picked up a lot from the Fen colored stone, with a refining fire to burn Make the hard lava colored stone, then put a piece of colorful lava will fill the hole in the sky, save this catastrophe. When the sun appears again, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky, when God is NvWaBuTian stone IPL. At that time, the Sky God scattered colorful world of stone from the hands of the Goddess, is now reportedly the oldest glass originated argument. The actual test of glass dating back two thousand years ago, the Western Zhou Dynasty, our ancestors made glass earrings with casting method.

Manually prepared for

Artificial crystal glass is used as raw material to manufacture artwork dewaxing casting method. Lengthy production process, three-dimensional prototypes from concept, design artwork, sculpture works to be completed, subject to strict dozens process to be completed, a little negligence can result in failure or defect. The whole process about two months or more. Workers must master the sophisticated technology can only operate each process variables are uncertain of their own, and in the process is subject to repeated experiments, works without a similar color, making extremely difficult.

High-temperature firing

Currently called glass works, in fact, combined with modern technology to lost wax casting method creation, integration of various rare metal oxide crystal containing mixed firing, then add the creators of ingenuity and makes changing shape. The selection of raw materials to more than 1400 ℃ high temperature melt into a variety of colored crystal glass, and after repeated selection of clean, according to the proportion of work materials placed in the mold, and set up a strict, cooling curves, temperature must control within 1000 ℃ ± 5 ℃. Firing up to 15 days or more, and make crystal materials, accurate to every subtle, only to ensure that works fine Kit Kat, three-dimensional, real, flow lines and elegant, clear.

A model of a product

A mold only fired a work can not be secondary use, large and complex works even require multiple open mold, fired to complete. Low success rate, so that the work can be more valuable treasure. Each piece has a collection of more value. Artistic vitality glass works, there is a bubble in the works, more imagination, more aura. Glass bubbles are breathing, which is the consensus in the field of glass art.

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