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Glass crafts market prospects

  In recent years, the craft market has popped up a black horse, craft varieties addition of a large family, a national treasure, "glass crafts," said she is a national treasure is not an exaggeration, because he has 3000 years of history foundation . Lift the glass you may not be familiar with the term, in the long river of memory most people can think might be "glazed", and in fact the majority of people on this call only a preliminary understanding of the glass only Chinese ancient royal palace buildings or not too professional, it is called. Indeed there is a layer on the glazed look was the same as transparent objects, and glass composition, but I am not talking about the concept of this glass. I am talking about is the traditional glass crafts, inherited the excellent skills of almost dating thousands of years, which is recognized worldwide as the lost wax casting method of Chinese ancient glass manufacturing modern products, it is the ancient ancestors used methods of bronze casting. Later in the process of copper found in the earlier glass material, and therefore this method to create the original glass products. Modern glass crafts are not heterogeneous tires, unlike ceramic glazed tiles have a child, today's ancient glass were firing from a single material.

  Glass's long history, its roots can be traced back to ancient times the quotient of weeks, the term glass and glass mixed in ancient China. Glass, namely high lead glass, but also man-made crystal. Chinese Ancient said glass for glass, or called feeder. The ancients in order to match gems, precious stones to create a smooth, warm crystal clear glass art products, Tang Yuan Zhen "Ode glass" in this description to: "colored with ice, no matter compartment free of dust", it conveys the seductive style glass bright , many relics have verified the old and the glass of process characteristics. From ancient relics of view, all objects are the palace courtyard ministers played during his lifetime, after the death of funerary luxury goods. Because glass from a noble lineage, and the common people life is not comparable, the glass is also the reason why in today's selling millions of people into the home's sake.

    After a lost glass production technology, in 1987 Taiwan's film industry famous performing artists 杨惠珊 and famous film director Zhang Yi couple possessions and all efforts are put in the glass business, set up China's first professional development study ancient lost wax casting method agency "Glass House", which makes the technology back to life, the art of traditional methods inherited down. After ten years of hard work, making the glass cause shine, their performance across a number of cities around the world, has opened many glass shops, the Chinese glass into the US and European markets, but their works are also repeatedly won international Awards, also trained many young talents for China to win the honor, has won widespread approval. The domestic market is developing rapidly, many large cities have set up shop, business is booming. Countless people ask what makes Newworkshop opened in just ten years a number of chain stores in the country, in fact, only one answer, and that is to have a broad market. Look back at the boom in the overall glass market, like mushroomed all over the country, there are several well-known optical Shanghai, Newworkshop, Grand stream garden, summer's glass, Carpenter door glass, glass etc. Yabei, Shenzhen Tiangong Square, colorful stream garden, Pui-shaped glass, Metalist glass, three-card treasure Huizhou, Zhaoqing moon and glass, are professional glass manufacturers, and each manufacturer has designed and developed a large number of works and produces a considerable economic and social benefits. In "the first blessing" glass products, for example, it is one of the masterpieces of modern glass and glass craft boutique class is the collection of limited edition. Since the first product development work done a lot of market research, since the election was the right path theme, creative design concept is novel, the integration of precious metals, glass, gold, mahogany and other materials, so that a single material, glass products with a qualitative change, become an unprecedented initiative, coupled with precision manufacturing, after-market demand, a few thousand or even million of product, it was time to buy some is not surprising, given the volume of some small items are not imagine, a few the amount of the order of thousands of pieces. So that manufacturers have to repeatedly expand the plant within a few years, the expansion of production and technical personnel to meet the needs of the market.

   Today the market is really blurred, regardless of the age of the consumer, regardless of the class, there are a large number of fans who have a keen interest in glass handicraft happened, particularly interesting phenomenon is that some government officials to visit,

     They want to bring the gift of choice is glass products, it seems that only glass can represent the cultural essence of the Chinese nation, and indeed the case. We might look at the following example proves how bright market prospects glass and hot there. 2003 Mr. Timothy Fok, IOC President Jacques Rogge gave the gift "Glass evil" works; Koo Chen-fu, chairman of the Taiwan Strait Exchange Foundation gave Chief Executive, Mr Tung Chee Hwa, chief Hong Kong Gifts is a "glass cow"; 2004 China Overseas Group Corporation 25 year anniversary celebration, gave Tung, Mr. He Houhua gift is also a glass gifts, "son of the sea" Art Decoration; trip to the mainland in 2005 Taiwan KMT Chairman Lien Chan and People First Party Chairman James Soong also brought gifts are noble large glass gift, a total of 60 as much.

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