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The difference between the glass and crystal glass

Glass is a variety of colors artificial crystal (containing 24% lead oxide) as raw material, sintering temperature with crystal works of art lost wax casting method. Colorful glass products, modeling simple, reasonable structure, full of traditional Chinese national characteristics, and resistance to wind and rain erosion, not fade peel glaze, for the construction of the pavilion, Taiwan, House, House, extraordinarily magnificent. China Glass is the ancient Chinese culture and the perfect combination of modern art, its bright colors, changing magnificent, is oriental fine, delicate, subtle manifestation of the thoughts and feelings and art mix. Glass was given a profound cultural connotation and myth, with the revival of generations of lost wax casting method, glass crafts began increasingly popular.

Chinese ancient glass products belonging to lead barium glass, and contemporary Western soda lime glass technology developed independently, so the Chinese ancient glass, is the use of a unique material developed independently and Shen, not alien technology. In ancient China, glass is a symbol of personality, a spirit, a realm. Crystal of glass sustenance of people's good wishes.

Glass and crystal glass different.

Differences in the chemical composition: natural crystal, glass, the main ingredient is silica glass. Contemporary national authority monograph "Chinese Ancient glass research," it reads: 92% ratio of Ancient Egypt "Fayence" (that is, the ancestor of the West crystal glass) silica (not transparent) -99%, glass China's Zhou dynasty the proportion of silica is only slightly greater than 90% (transparent). This 9% difference is the biggest difference between the glass and the glass.

Differences in formulations: ancient glass are joined with lapis firing from the mother glass, colored glass stone is a crystal material, the main ingredient should be silica-based, glass collected from the mother is a kind of natural but also by the ancient recipe after artificial refining, can change the structure and physical properties of the crystal, there are significant differences in the shape, color and transparent degree. Glass really depends on the level of the mother glass raw materials and preparation method, which is not pass the secret since ancient times, it is because of the presence of glass mother, only to Chinese ancient glass and glass as well as the West crystal glass "Fayence "With a 9% difference in composition.

Identifying characteristics of ancient glass:

A, color: crystal and glass has a different color, but all with a solid color based, will burst or turbid after mixing. Only ancient glass can have a variety of colors blended and transparent as before.

B, density: ancient glass was significantly higher than the density of glass, crystal glass slightly and feel smooth.

C, Sound: ancient glass gently tapping sound of metal there.

D, Transparency: boundary between glass and crystal, occasionally firing process produces a small amount of bubble flow.

E, saving time: indefinite, from the material point of view, ancient glass never change, today unearthed from the tomb of ancient glass HW Sheng ear cups still color as new, carved before.

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