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      We are so proud to work with you - our customer - forged this love - God when you become our wholehearted service.

      We both put this love as a pride and joy of success, but to love this as a good opportunity to continue our friendship.

      Honesty: corporate ethics Crystal Court in the long-term production and business activities in the form embodies the principles of the core values of integrity, honest and trustworthy is crystal Court ethics in all business activities must be followed, also steadily improved social status and credit guidelines within the Group to maintain stable operation of the Group.

       Customer: Crystal Court is based on 20 years of successful marketing experience and solidify market values, reflecting the core values of the principle objectives, namely to listen to the voice of customers, concerned about the changing needs of customers, customer's point of view standardize enterprise behavior, in order to the standard measure of corporate customers operating efficiency, is invincible crystal Court in the brutal competition in the market at all.

       Dedication: a subjective attitude, refers to any person Jing Yuan threw himself into the work, make every effort, showing a high degree of responsibility.

       Perfect: Crystal Court were to reflect the improvement in efficiency as the goal, actual performance characteristics for value-oriented outcome of the evaluation criteria, and the results of the work of perfection ultimate pursuit. "Perfect" is "best," the goal is crystal Court who conduct basic rule specification.